Be Offing my friend

At Offing, we develop tailor-made web and mobile applications because we know that your company is different from the rest and you need your programs to be customised and adapted to you.

We are a motivated team of specialists with six years’ experience dedicated exclusively to the creation of websites and applications for startups and medium and large companies.

Our team is made up of Project Managers, UX/UI Experts, Front End Developers, Back End Developers, System Administrators and Graphic Designers.

We develop your websites and applications using the latest technologies, focusing intently on every detail and the quality of finishes: React, Symfony, Angular, NodeJS, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, etc., technologies that were used to program large platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Airbnb.

What could we tell you about our team to help you get to know us a little better?

We should also tell you that we could tell you that we love working for startups and absorbing the enthusiasm that this new business model generates.

Or that we have clients all over Spain, Europe and the United States.

At Offing, we believe in sharing knowledge, not competing. That’s why, when we find a solution to a problem or make an improvement, we prefer to explain how we did it so that other developers can benefit from our experience.

What’s more, the well-being of our employees is in our DNA. If they enjoy their work (flexible hours, working remotely and freedom to choose their holidays), your projects will live up to what you expect and need.

But maybe, to you, all this is neither here nor there

Because you’re looking for a software developer that understands your project and makes it their own. And that’s exactly what we do.

Our core objective is to understand your needs and provide you with a fully personalised service.

We care for your project as if it were our own, and we strive to maintain close communication with you as a client. Believe it or not, we spend so much time with our clients that, on many occasions, we end up becoming friends.

Because we are convinced that, only by understanding perfectly what you need and being very demanding of our work can we develop high-quality platforms that match your company’s standards.

Our answer is always yes

We will never say no to your project, because we are passionate about every new challenge that comes our way.

We are by your side throughout the entire process of developing your application or website, and we also support you once it is up and running.

Now that you’ve got to know us a little better, if you think our team can fit the bill, tell us about your project.

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