Are you looking for software that adapts to your company and not the other way around?

Are you fed up of standard programmes that don’t cover 100% of your needs?

Perhaps you’re using a commercial ERP that cripples some of your business processes or you make up for certain steps with Excel and Access documents when creating your sales offers, for example.

If after all of this you think there is something better, you are 100% correct.

At Offing, we develop custom software for companies like yours, software that covers all your needs and fits with your business model.

We develop fully customised programming solutions from scratch that your company needs to improve your business processes and to provide your customers with a better service.

One software to rule them all?

It’s likely that the CRM or ERP system that you use is a generic programme used by many different companies.

These programmes are targeted to reach the maximum number of companies possible. Therefore, customising these programmes according to your business model and your needs is expensive, slow and will never achieve the same result as software that is fully customised for your business.

With custom software you will save time, speed up processes, improve the quality of your customer service, improve the quality of your employees’ work and provide a better service.

Are you not yet convinced?

At Offing, the custom software we create for businesses is 100 % your creation.

You tell us what you want to achieve, and we will create it for you:

  • Prepare quotes in just a few clicks
  • Get quality analytics
  • Get purchase and sales statistics
  • Receive orders from your customers using an easy and centralised system
  • Manage commercial offers
  • Organise your projects and tasks
  • Track your sales visits
  • Provide any internal functionality that your company may need

The customised programming for your company will be adapted exactly to your work processes, with a minimum number of steps needed.

Each field you fill out and every click you make will be necessary for your company’s work processes and not simply for the sake of the software, as happens with the commercial products you can find on the market.

What are the benefits of custom software?

Time is money (you already know)

Optimise your work processes and do the same in less time to increase your employees’ productivity.

Work less and more efficiently

In other words, transfer tasks to your customers. Make your clients do tasks like product configurations, quotes, bookings or other work that your employees normally take care of, so the only thing you have to do is check they’ve been done correctly.

Don’t the banks do the same thing? Then, why can’t your catering or air-conditioning company do this as well?

An offer you can’t refuse

Stand out from your competitors by providing your customers with a better service. You have an online product configurator, and they don’t. Your customers can place orders from your website in just a few steps, whereas that is impossible on your competitors’ websites.

Sayonara, Excel

Forget about all the Excel spreadsheets your company uses and centralise your data on customised cloud software.

You will have a single place where you can update data. All your information is centralised and updated in an interface which is intuitive and easy to use.

Analyse your data in real time

Get an overview of how your business is running and make the necessary improvements or adjustments.

For example, your customised software will tell you how many visits your sales professionals have made in a given area and a given month so you can improve their performance.

Are you thinking of developing a custom web application? Ask for a budget without obligation!