Group travel market place

Valua Travel is a marketplace that offers a comprehensive management of group travel, including all the elements related to this type of business such as the management of accommodation, flights, transfers and other services.

We have made a special marketplace web development because it was necessary to integrate the portal with different Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications used by the company to create products and manage the flow of sales.

Why do a custom development and not a CMS?

Despite using a CMS like WordPress allows for professional web development using plugins and templates, this project required a number of special functions that needed a higher degree of control and customization by the development team.

In addition, the use of a CMS would have required the implementation of several plugins that would have meant a greater load for the web, being resented its loading speed and fluidity.

If in the future, the customer wanted to implement new features, modify existing ones or any other major change, with a CMS would be limited, being much less scalable than a custom design.

How the Value Travel project was developed

This project needed a clean design that would adapt to any type of device, allowing smooth navigation and a high level of usability. Therefore it was decided to opt for a custom web design that would allow to define in a personalized way each of the functionalities of the marketplace.

PHP development with Symfony helps to create a solid and flexible structure to create a high-performance website.

One of the client’s requirements was the integration of the web portal with the Microsoft Dynamics tools they use in the management of their business. In this aspect, custom programming allows us to polish each situation in the best way, to ensure that this integration is done naturally and with the greatest effectiveness.

What are the advantages of custom web design?

The Valua Travel portal was custom designed and developed, which allowed us to provide the client with a result that met all their demands. The different functions of the integrated travel management marketplace were successfully implemented, and a full integration with Microsoft Dynamics tools used by the company was achieved.

Better user experience

The marketplace of Valua Travel has a very fast loading speed, and the different functions within the portal work seamlessly and fluidly. This provides Valua Travel customers with the best user experience, regardless of the device from which they access it (personal computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

You only need to go to the platform itself to see firsthand how the loading time is minimal and the content is displayed immediately.

The custom web design of Valua Travel’s e-commerce has been a complete success, and the client now has the online portal where to offer their comprehensive travel services with all the requested functions working as desired.