Your kitchen, totally made-to-measure

Exclusivity and excellence are the two adjectives that define Adisa Cooking, a company that for more than half a century has been at the forefront in the manufacture of unique industrial kitchens. Adisa Cooking demonstrates that the kitchens are a work of art that precedes the magic of the flavors and textures of the different recipes.

A company with an unrepeatable seal needed an unrepeatable mobile application. And we made it happen! For this we followed a rigorous process of design and web development under the responsibility of our team of experts. The result? The result was Kitchen-creator: a custom-made mobile app that exceeded all our expectations and many of yours.

The premise of this work was to create a digital tool to meet the specific needs of the company. The objective of the application is to serve as a platform for clients to custom design the kitchen they want. The mobile application allows customers to configure with their “own hands” each of the elements that we offer in Adisa Cooking. More customization, impossible!

The app was developed for Android and iOS using Ionic, a Framework that is considered one of the best today for creating hybrid applications, offering a fully native user experience.

Why a custom app?

Web and mobile application development is currently experiencing a stellar moment, never before has it seen such frenetic progress. In large part, this is due to the growing demand from users for personalized, intuitive and increasingly intelligent services.

Therefore, the development of custom applications is an appropriate solution to meet the new needs and address the new behaviors of enterprise customers. Kitchen-creator represents a qualitative leap and a milestone in the history of Adisa Cooking, since it has functionalities that are perfectly adapted to the identity and services of the brand.

What makes this app unique?

No one can find an app like this anywhere else. Why? Because it has been created exclusively, taking care of technical requirements down to the smallest detail. Let’s take a look at some features offered by custom mobile applications:

User interface

We are convinced that one of the most important requirements in the development of an app is its usability, that is, its ability to be easily assimilated by its users when performing actions within its platform. You don’t need to be an expert in engineering to handle Kitchen-creator, since it allows you to design your own kitchen with just a few steps achieving wonders.

All-in-one solution

Another advantage of custom-developed applications is that they leave no aspect to chance, everything works in an integrated and systematic way to offer innovative and complete solutions in every sense.

Satisfaction is priceless

The realization of this type of projects reiterates that we are on the right track and that our work is contributing to the growth of companies. The web environment is a world in constant transformation, only those who stay at the forefront can achieve success. Would you like to try our new app? You’ll love it!