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Thanks to the implementation of a well-defined online strategy, Onefarma, the pharmaceutical supplier, has been able to expand categorically and maximize its online sales.

With a highly innovative design and an excellent and well-defined user experience, it has managed to position itself firmly in this online market of pharmacy products. Furthermore, it has managed to implement technical capabilities so that customers can access the desired products in a very simple, direct and fast way.

The importance of developing a personalized App

To satisfy the needs of our users, the shopping experience offered to the potential consumer is very important. The personalization of this process allows us to focus on the strengths of the company and to be able to direct our resources in the most efficient way, thus achieving a correct interaction between the customers and the company.

The customer/brand interaction

This efficient interaction is possible thanks to the adjustment of the App to the real needs of the executing company. This way we manage to satisfy the needs of the customers in a pleasant, eye-catching and very simple way, which effectively builds customer loyalty with the brand, product or service offered.

What are the keys that have made this development stand out?

The first thing to highlight is that this e-commerce has been developed to meet the needs of a growing clientele that uses technology on a regular basis to carry out their purchases, thus saving time and gaining the convenience of doing everything from home. For this purpose, a PrestaShop design has been created, with all the facilities and advantages that this implies.
One of the main advantages is the security in terms of electronic transactions, a situation that users really appreciate by offering a highly secure and reliable access.

In addition, in order to facilitate access to products to all the brand’s target audience, Onefarma has spared no effort and has ensured that all customers can access the location of the nearest branch through a geolocation process.
Categorical advantages for both companies and customers

Companies that implement this type of Aps, especially in the case of Onefarma, stand out for achieving a high share of positive results while keeping customer satisfaction rates high. This balance is highly beneficial for both parties, since improving the navigation of the products or services sought by customers, causes a significant increase in sales.

In the case of Onefarma, this experience is even more complete, since it allows you to have your nearest Onefarma pharmacy in the palm of your hand at all times and 24 hours a day.

By simply opening your App, you can access a whole world of possibilities waiting for you, all thanks to current technology and the outstanding and dedicated Offing team that has managed to balance, mesh and direct this project towards the best results.
Download the App and start enjoying all the conveniences that Onefarma has to offer you.

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