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iLeave Success Story

There are some amazing, truly out-of-the-box mobile apps out there, and iLeave is certainly one of them. With its outstanding slogan “Tell them how important they are to you” this new application has fit perfectly in today’s society thanks to its innovation in terms of the service offered. It also stands out for its excellent development to work on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

This application is based on the idea that you can offer a social testament, leaving dedications and requests for your loved ones once you have ceased to exist in this earthly world. All this with the maximum seriousness, security and confidentiality that this situation requires.

The importance of a customized application

Developed using Ionic and acting as a native application, iLeave stands out and is a pioneer in this type of service. It offers maximum performance on your devices by being able to, for example, import your contact list. With iLeave you can write down everything you decide to plan for your will to be fulfilled or compose messages that you want to reach your family or friends upon your death, which is a new and meaningful experience for all.

This custom application allows you to customize to the maximum what you want to do: You can choose your contacts, decide the way to send, text of your dedications and make the decisions in life of what you would like to be fulfilled at the time of your death. This high level of customization is what has provided this success to the application and, of course, its high degree of security to safeguard information: Personal data, settings and access to your mobile device, all on secure servers. The Security is a great advantage of the application.

iLeave: Customizable and Flexible App

The success of an application is measured in sales, in acceptance and popularity and, mostly, in the correct adaptation to the diverse needs of users. iLeave has managed to masterfully balance a development to be an App tailored to the requirements of numerous users, but with a customization and flexibility that allows to further adapt what the user can carry out with it. This adaptability is undoubtedly one of the big advantages of some applications and, of course, of iLeave.

Is it really a unique development?

Although there are other Apps that may offer something similar, the excellent team at Offing has done an outstanding job on their application. Offing has developed and adapted, with a fantastic design, an App for their target customers, offering them functionality and utility in a secure environment. With this, this startup currently has the best positioning and has the best interface for users.

Quality, versatility and security

To succeed among other Apps and achieve an extraordinary market success, it is necessary to highlight its undoubted quality, versatility and security, aspects that from the first moment were considered basic in the development and adequacy of this application. Likewise, many other variables that have been taken into account throughout the design and creation process, such as its consistent programming, its excellent design, the possibility of interaction between the user and the application, and the security of delivering you a unique product in its type and highly compatible with the various current mobile devices.

All of the above is supported, without a doubt, by the incredible dedication of the team that has developed and created iLeave, as well as Offing, to achieve a product of great functionality, highly innovative and that is currently triumphing for its undoubted quality.

At iLeave, we know how important your loved ones are to you. Download the app and let them know it too!

If you also want to highlight your business with an application designed and thought to solve your needs and those of your customers, don’t think twice and contact us. Offing will be happy to help!

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