The Online wine guide

Nowadays there are many applications that we can find on the Internet, of course some better than others. There are so many applications that sometimes it is overwhelming, but there are some in particular that stand out above the rest. This is the case of The Wine Guide that we are going to talk about next.

The Wine Guide is a web application that was developed with the aim of allowing its users to search among a huge catalog of wines by name, appellation of origin, the winery that produced it, prices or yeasts used, among other features. This application offers a web design capable of adapting to any device (a main feature of its success), so that we can consult it in an easy, dynamic and intuitive way.

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What’s its history?

The Wine Guide was born out of the need to have reliable evaluations of all Catalan wines without having to leave home.
Its origins date back to 2008, created with the idea of evaluating the properties and quality of Catalan wine, which was expected to be of the highest quality.
The reality is that, in the tastings of the first year of this guide, it turned out that about half of the Catalan wines were made with a mediocre type of grape, with foreign varieties and, therefore, turned out to be of questionable quality.
Since then The Wine Guide set itself the goal of analyzing each year the vintage and evolution of Catalan wines, with no intention of comparing them with those of other regions. It thus became the only site where we find rigorous criticism, detailed analysis and debate on the major changes that have taken place in Catalan wines over the last ten years.

Their purpose led them to success

Over the years the purpose of The Wine Guide has not changed, which is what has made this guide known and has significantly influenced the success it has today. From the beginning it has always sought to offer its users the best and most complete guide to the best wines and sparkling wines of Catalonia.
This application offers users a critical and constructive proposal at the same time on all aspects to take into account about any wine or any Catalan sparkling wine.
Their consistency and professionalism when analyzing any wine or sparkling wine has taken them to the top of the web applications about wines that we currently find.

Is The Wine Guide a unique application?

It is true that there are multiple web applications with a similar theme. However, the Wine Guide web application is one of the most complete and comprehensive on the market. In addition, it has a fantastic and intuitive platform, developed and optimized by Offing’s excellent team. That way you will find detailed analysis of any Catalan wine or sparkling wine.
The Wine Guide knows how important it is to taste a good wine or sparkling wine. Don’t waste time and download the application to know the best wines on the market and their characteristics!

If you are currently thinking about how to make your business stand out, one of the best options in these times in which we live is through a fully customized web application.
Do not hesitate and contact us, at Offing our priority is always the customer!