Airbnb for students

Swiftflats is a custom-made web portal that offers offers apartments, rooms and residences for university students and trainees. In addition to having more than one thousand accommodations between Spain and Mexico, this platform offers complementary services to the tenants, such as insurance for the stay and different service packs managed through local companies and associations.

Swiftflats is a very well designed and organized application, designed to offer its users a site where to find apartments, rooms and even residences for university students and young people.

The surprising thing about this app is that we can find more than a thousand accommodations between Spain and Mexico, so it is very easy to find one that suits us among so much variety.

It is important to mention that the platformoffers complementary services for tenants, as is the case of home insurance or different packages that include various services managed through local associations and companies.

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The features that have made it successful

Swiftflats offers its users the ability to manage the rental of their homewithout having to leave the comfort of their home. Everything can be done safely and efficiently onlinethanks to its web platform, in which tenants have access to an extensive catalog of rooms, either in the form of shared apartments, complete apartments or university residences, so that they can find one that fits your needs.

One of the best features of Swiftflats is that it has fully personalized assistance and at any time of the day for those owners who wish to rent their property in a reliable page and that ensures all monthly payments. For the latter we have our Mar Service, a service that we offer to the owners so that they can be sure that they will receive the monthly payment of the rent.

In addition, another feature that has led Swiftflats to success is its service called Ocean, specially designed for those owners who do not wish to manage their property. In this case, it is the Swiftflats team that takes care of all the formalities and procedures related to maintenance, offering solutions to tenants throughout their stay and even carrying out repairs to the house if they are necessary.

What sets Swiftflats apart from other home locator apps?

What makes Swiftflats unique are all the facilities it offers both the tenant and the property owner, since the entire process of renting the accommodation is done completely online, greatly facilitating the search for housing from anywhere in the world through an intuitive platform and very well designed by Offing.

And you don’t have to worry about the language barrier, as the Swiftflats team is multilingual and offers a fully tailored service for each of its clients.

Don’t waste any more time looking for a new home! Swiftflats is undoubtedly the best app on the market, having become one of the most complete and honest apps with an intuitive and quality platform, developed and optimized by Offing’s professional team.

If you want to be as successful as Swiftflats, don’t think twice and contact us. At Offing we’ll be happy to help you!