The best packaging option for your company

IDP Group is an international company dedicated to the design of Packaging for companies; both boxes and bags, as well as accessories, etc.

Websites have become the center of many businesses that see in the digital market a great opportunity to grow and expand. In order to offer users the best experience, it is necessary to develop dynamic websites made with WordPress to measure, as is the case of the website of the prestigious manufacturer of boxes and packaging IDP Direct, which has a presence throughout Europe and America.

This international company was looking for an expert and professional developer who could offer its customers a platform with all its products and services accessible from any type of device. At Offing we offer them a fully custom-made solution that meets all their expectations, including a fresh design that adapts to smartphones, other mobile devices, and desktop browsing.

Why a custom development with WordPress

We decided to develop this project in an open source software like WordPress because of the many advantages offered by this CMS. The client’s needs were clear and they required a platform that would allow them to adapt the web project to these requirements, WordPress being the ideal platform for this due to its flexibility, its wide variety of themes and plugins, and the possibility of implementing changes by code.

What are the advantages of WordPress for custom development

The main benefits of working with WordPress when it comes to being able to approach a custom web project are:

Visual aspect. The design and visual aspect of WordPress websites can be adapted to the client’s tastes, being able to vary any aspect of the menu, colors, structure, buttons and any other visual element.

Implementation of functionalities. The number of existing WordPress add-ons or plugins is so large that any type of website can be developed or any specific functionality can be implemented, all very quickly and easily.

Small adjustments. In WordPress it is possible to modify even the smallest detail, either by using snippets, such as CSS code, JavaScript, etc.

Scalability. With WordPress it is very easy to increase new features, content or visual changes without taking the website offline for maintenance.

With this custom development of the IDP Direct website, we have managed to offer the client a modern and sophisticated portal that is at the forefront of the sector’s websites, and that serves as a differentiating element and as a tool to strengthen the image of their brand.

With a great usability you can access all the content of the webs, browsing through its various products such as bags, boxes and accessories, with an intuitive interface and very easy to handle.

Another remarkable aspect of this project for IDP Direct is the loading speed of the website. On both cell phones and PCs, the website has a very low loading time so users can almost immediately access the site’s content and find what they are looking for.

At Offing we believe that custom web design and the development of custom web applications are the best solution for companies to have the most competitive platforms with which to offer their products and services in today’s market.

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