The online platform that solves your legal needs

Legalmeet is a professional online platform for the legal services sector that offers citizens an answer to their legal needs.

Legalmeet is a professional online platform for legal services.

It is formed by a large group of collaborating lawyers, from different disciplines and active legal professionals.

For this platform, a request system has been created where the client selects one (claim, defense…) and fills it in with the corresponding data. Within 48 hours, the client will receive quotes from various lawyers. Once the client decides which quotation to accept, he/she will contact the lawyer.

CMS are ideal tools to develop a professional website in a short time and with little effort. However, many times it is necessary to go a step further and make a custom web design to meet the demands of customers and to include the functionality they need for their website.

The custom web development with Symfony done for the Legalmeet platform, which offers legal services to citizens, is a clear example of this. The company wanted to give through its portal a specific service, so it needed a specific development to achieve the result was the one requested.

Why custom development with Symfony?

To tackle the Legalmeet project, it was necessary to resort to a system that would meet the company’s needs to include a personalized service for its customers from its web portal. Through this service, users will be able to create requests with their demands (claims or requests for defense, among others) by adding the necessary information. This information is automatically passed on to the company, which sends them a personalized quote within 48 hours.

This special functionality requires a flexible web development that allows to perfectly adapt each of the necessary steps to carry it out. Betting on Symfony was presented as the best solution to achieve this, being a framework for PHP that allows a controller view model structure, ideal for this type of scalable projects (scalable at any time).

Why do a custom development and not a CMS?

With a development with a CMS like WordPress or similar you could have made a similar website, working on the design of the template and touching the configuration of the plugins.

However, opting for a PHP development with Symfony frees the dependency on plugins or add-ons already developed and you can implement the functions in a identical way to the client’s requests. In addition, the loading speed will be much faster, since only the functions necessary for its operation are included.

With Symphony the structure of the web has a scalable model, so if the client needs to add any functionality or extend the ones already available, it can be done quickly and efficiently, without affecting the activity of the same.

Custom web development is a great choice to face different types of web projects, as is the case of Legalmeet’s success. When the client’s demands are very specific, the best solution is to resort to a custom design that meets each of their requests. This way you will get a better result and the customer will be satisfied with your web project.

The result obtained in Legalmeet has been a website that meets all the agreed requirements, and that works quickly and efficiently. Legalmeet’s users and clients can use its services online obtaining the best user experience.

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